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What Makes Us Different

Some Technical Stuff (Our Philosophy)

Pressure on a nerve equals pain. Removal of the pressure from the nerve, results in a reduction in pain, every time. There are several methods to accomplish this task such as surgical intervention, decompression through traction, anti-inflammatory medications administered orally or through a shot, ice, massage, etc. The methods that we use as chiropractors is to start with the HVLA (high-velocity, low-amplitude) adjustment technique otherwise known as diversified adjusting using our hands. We also utilize drop table and Activator methods. Many times a perfectly placed impulse in the proper vector with care for the velocity and amplitude of the impulse, can help tremendously. There is always consideration for the origin and insertion of the surrounding musculature, the nerve innervation of said musculature as well as the location of specific nerves that are in the region and can be significantly impacted either positively or negatively by the impulse.

More Technical Stuff

Pressure on a nerve resulting in pain is only one of the symptoms of subluxation. For example, pressure on a nerve that goes to the stomach can result in ulcers as proven by the Winsor Autopsy study. Pressure on a nerve to the bladder results in childhood bedwetting, pressure at the base of the occiput results in headaches, and so on.

We Spend More Time With You

We know there are practices that spend very little time with each patient and focus on numbers and repeat visits. This is not the case at Strain Chiropractic. We focus on results. We choose to spend much more time with each patient in an effort to address the ever important musculature surrounding the areas of complaint. We know that the muscles must accept the new tensions that are established once the segments are very carefully re-aligned, or the muscles may spasm and pull the bones back to a malposition resulting in a re-occurrence of the initial complaint. After all, bones cannot move themselves; bones are for structure and protection. Muscles move bones.

Custom Fit

Our core foundations are tailored to fit each individual. We know that no two patients are the same. We each have different body styles, different exercise and eating habits, different stress levels and coping skills. Many times a complaint of pain can be resolved in just a couple visits, but when things do not seem to resolve we are happy to refer for further imaging, physical therapy, Orthopedic or Neurological consults, or to pain specialists.

You Decide

Lastly, we never set our patients up on long treatment plans. We only make recommendations on return visits. Your care is always in your hands.
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