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About Dr. Jona Stoebner, DC

Acupuncture From a Chiropractor?

As a native of Rapid City, I was raised to enjoy and play in the Black Hills. I was very active at a young age and continued my passion for athletics at the collegiate level running track for South Dakota State University. At that time I was having aches and pains that were not being helped with traditional care. It was then I reached out for the help of a chiropractor. As an athletic training major, I understood the importance of muscle function but didn’t understand how important joint function was to maintaining an overall healthy body. So with their recommendations and adjustments, I was not only feeling better and competing better but it changed my perspective on health care. It was at that point I knew chiropractic was for me and I decided to attend Northwestern Health Sciences University.
My goal is to help my patients be pain free and enjoy their lives being active in every aspect. This goal can be accomplished by making sure the nervous system is free of interference so that the body can heal itself. The body is such an amazing thing. Just as a cut can heal itself so can the rest of the body, it just needs the proper instructions from the nervous system. I really enjoy how everyone is different and how I can personalize my care to help him or her achieve their health and wellness goals. I have been entrusted to care for patients of all ages from birth to the elderly and appreciate their level of wellness goals. My parents always made sure that we loved what we were doing and remembered to have God as our number one priority. It is that understanding that I bring to my profession. I love what I do but understand that I am only an instrument of God. I have received additional education in athletic injuries, pediatrics and prenatal care.
My husband, Chris, is a school counselor and Varsity Boys Basketball Coach at Stevens High School. We have three kids, Cora, Mara, and Cason that keep us busy.
My treatment approach includes soft tissue work along with chiropractic adjustments. I am a diversified trained provider, which means I use different techniques to customize my care for each individual patient and their unique needs. These techniques include activator, drop tables, manual and non-force techniques. I am a Graston certified provider for soft tissue work, Weber technique certified for prenatal care, plus additional education in pediatrics and athletic injuries. I want to help you get better and if chiropractic isn’t it, I want to help you get to the right treatment.
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